Farewell Bhutan …

Drukair, otherwise known as Royal Bhutan Airlines, has flown me efficiently and luxuriously to Bangkok.

My stay in Bhutan was amazing. I went in search of birds and found so much more. The scenery was fabulous, the people warm and friendly, the history and culture fascinating.

No unaccompanied tourism is permitted, I was on a Rockjumper Birding tour. There were 12 clients in the group. As well as two Rockjumper bird guides we had a local bird guide and a local cultural guide. We also had the most amazing driver. When the driver turns up carrying binoculars and a telephoto lens birders can expect a good time. He was a keen and knowledgeable birder and a very capable driver. Both Rockjumper and the ground agent, Yangphel provided outstanding service.

One thing that was missing was bandwidth. Although the hotels I stayed in had wifi it was rarely capable of keeping up with emails let alone accessing the web.

Tonight is a night of unaccustomed luxury in the Novotel at Surarnbhumi Airport.

When I get home I will provide an account of the trip to Assam and Bhutan but that won’t be immediately. Tomorrow I fly to London, UK. The adventure continues.

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