It must have been me …

As I said earlier there was something missing from the trip but before I go there let’s recap …

Polar Bear, Ursus maritimus, and glacier
Polar Bear, mother and cub
Brünnich’s Guillemot

The weather and the sea were pretty kind to us. One night the sea did redistribute our possessions around our cabins but mainly because we had been lulled into complacency. It had been so calm that we had stopped securing things for the night.

The Norwegians have a saying

ikke dårlig klær, bare dårlig vær
which rhymes very nicely in the original and translates as “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”. For our Zodiac trips we wore one piece flotation suits provided by the ship that definitely kept the weather out.

But I digress. Something, I hope, was missing.

It is axiomatic that …

  1. There is an arsehole in every group that you travel with
  2. The individual in question is absolutely oblivious to the fact that it’s them

so it follows that … If you can’t work out who it is … It’s you.

So was it me or were we uniquely blessed? My companions had all made a significant contribution to conservation but it seemed to me that none were fanatical. There was no maniacal twitcher, no demoniacally possessed wildlife photographer. Everyone was engaged, intelligent and possessed of a sense of humour. No one wimped out because it was cold, and at times it was very cold. No one wanted to leave a polar bear because it was tea time. It was a great group to share a great experience with.

So my thanks to you all. I hope our paths cross again.

I have added a new album to the gallery. When you have a moment I’d be thrilled if you took a look. Click on the button over to the right where it says Gallery or if you are reading this as email click <HERE>!


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