The Road to Budongo …

The team heading to Uganda this time consisted of the three Aussie bird banders that had visited in 2017 plus one.

Dr Will Steele and Dr Mark Antos are both professional biologists who find the natural world so fascinating that they go on studying it even after they’ve knocked off work. Along with the McGee we had had the pleasure of doing some training with the fledgling bird banding team at the Budongo Research Station. We would be returning to offer some more encouragement, some more training and some more equipment.

Our new recruit was the lovely Gayle McGee, also experienced in the process of catching and banding birds.

It is most of a day’s drive northward from Entebbe to Budongo. Our first call was in Kampala where we picked up Moreen Uwimbabazi who heads up the project.

Moreen Uwimbabazi

Then it was a long but fascinating drive via Masindi to the Royal Mile and Budongo.

Much of life in Uganda goes on in the streets. Foodstuffs and furniture …

hustle and bustle
this way to the Rich Dad Junior School

some instruction from the Australian Government

and having bought your food and furniture you load it onto a van, or a motorbike or even a bike.

chair man
three men and a sheep
plantain – a staple

From time to time on the highway street vendors rush every vehicle that stops.

street vendors

As well as the fresh fruit and drinks you can buy chicken and goat meat on skewers … maybe not a great idea for the unpracticed intestine.

Until eventually …

home away from home

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