Monkeys …

On this visit to the Budongo forest our attentions were focused on the bird banding team which since our last visit had matured into a very efficient operation. We hadn’t set aside any time to specifically follow monkeys or the star attraction, chimpanzees. But this is Budongo, any spare half hour could be put to excellent use.

Blue Monkey

The key to photographing the monkeys is simply to take your time. Approach quietly, when they start to examine their escape route just settle. After a while they resume feeding or grooming and soon you’re just part of the background.

They may walk right by you.

Olive Baboons

In that instance I was sitting on the ground and found myself shooting up at mum and her youngster. An older youngster got left behind and came running to catch up …

Olive Baboon

The next character and I conducted a lengthy study of each other.

Olive Baboon

The Colobus and Red-tailed Monkeys are a tougher prospect because they spend so much of their time high in the trees.

Guereza Colobus
Guereza Colobus
Red-tailed Monkey

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