Hello Possums …

Words immortalised by Dame Edna Everidge.

My sojourn at the seaside basking in the cool weather was over. Back at the farm it had continued hot. The list of visitors to the water point continued to grow in my absence.

We once had a Brushtail Possum come down the chimney. We could hear it stuck in the flue and summoned the chimney sweep to push it down into the wood stove which I hasten to add was not alight. My reward for rescuing it was a bite on the finger.

They’re not all bad news though. At least they save me from eating any of the fruit we grow. And fortunately they don’t eat the grapes. It’s the birds do that.

What a poser …

Brushtail Possum


One thought on “Hello Possums …

  1. I love Brushy’s, we have about 6 living in our ceiling and we name them and handfeed them!

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