Christmas it is …

The entire production team at BobMcGee.Live wish  our readers, wherever they may be, an enjoyable and safe Christmas. Hopefully one shared with people they love.

Uppermost in our thoughts today are the brave men and women fighting fires around Australia helping keep the rest of us safe as we celebrate. We thank them for their Christmas gift.

Social Justice being close to my heart I was thrilled to receive a copy of Woke by Titania McGrath. It is a most instructive read. How eloquently she sums up the difficulties feminists face …

The history of womankind is like a sand beetle attempting  to traverse the Serengeti with a horse’s bollock upon its back.

May gender studies soon be compulsory in schools everywhere. Her view for the future is like light itself, I mean, what good is democracy if people don’t vote correctly?

And remember …

Nobody is going to prevent anyone from saying the right things, so it stands to reason that the only people who require free speech are those who plan on saying the wrong things.

Merry Christmas

Robert, Gayle and Fifi McGee

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