The Norco Charger …

It happens that Gayle is a tall and elegant woman or in other words we are of similar height – both needing a medium frame on our bikes. Her second hand bike was an uncomfortable fit for her but she could transition to the eBig Tour without even needing the saddle moved.

This would have to be one of the strongest arguments for an ebike. They enable riders of differing abilities to enjoy a ride together.

Back to the shop I went. I wanted a similar set up but without the motor. A hard tail because I didn’t expect to be leaping from rock to rock but softer forks for the more ferocious corrugations. An aluminium frame for economy. A single chainring for simplicity. A very pleasant young man steered me to the Norco Charger.

It was love at first sight – with the bike that is. I would have liked a more exciting colour but hey.

It’s a bit more mountain bike and a bit less the tourer. For rear suspension you stand on the pedals and absorb the bumps with your legs – just like skiing. The front forks are perfect.

Of course it weighs a lot less than an ebike so my average speed jumped a couple of kph.

What’s missing?

The computer …

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