Metabolic Goodness …

It was my long ride this morning. In fact my longest in this incarnation of my cycling career. 80 km. Thirty years ago I would have made sure I ate a good breakfast and would have taken a banana or two and some other snacks perhaps. This morning was devoid of breakfast and there were no snacks en route. I just took plenty of fat, all stored internally and it will be a long time before that runs out!

After my low carb lunch my ketones were ~6mm/litre. My fat cells are throwing ketones around like the missus spends my money, my muscle cells by comparison are as tight as Mr Scrooge. (Forgive me Gayle I know you are very sensible with our money and I’m the one that throws it around).

The reason that fat cells waste energy when ketones are present whilst muscle cells, including heart muscle, are very efficient are complex. Dr Bikman explains this as clearly as is humanly possible …

He has a book coming out in a few months entitled Why We Get Sick. Spoiler – it’s because of insulin resistance but it will be very interesting to read what he has to say about that and I expect it will be remarkably lucid.

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