The Great Ocean Ride …

Time for another challenge, the Great Ocean & Otways ride beckons. It sets off from Torquay in Victoria, takes an inland route west before climbing over the Otway Range and returning via the iconic Great Ocean Road. It’s but a week away – Saturday 24th April 2021.

There is a ‘free’ jersey included. I liked the one for the 204km ride best so I have opted for the epic ride. They have already sent me the jersey so perhaps I’ll just stay home!

This course is also known as Amy’s Ride, named for Amy Gillett. She represented Australia in both Rowing and Cycling. She was killed in a collision with a car while training with the Australian cycling team in Germany in 2005. The Amy Gillet Foundation aims to make riding in Australia a safer activity. You can donate <HERE> if you wish.

The course is a little shorter than the Peaks Challenge and there is only half the climbing to be done. To make up for that they have been far more stingy with the time. The turn for home occurs at Skenes Creek about 120 km into the ride. By then most of the climbing is behind you. To make the cut-off that has to be completed at 23.6kph. A strong westerly wind would make that a fairly demanding effort. I will be looking to hide in a bunch wherever I can.

Along the Great Ocean Road the scenery will be fantastic but I doubt that will be what I spend most of my time thinking about. It’s not all flat. There are some nasty lumps to get over especially at Aireys Inlet and at Anglesea.

If I finish without being kicked off the course I will think it a day well spent. If the weather is nice, mechanical misadventure is avoided and I can hide in a decent bunch from time to time I should do it OK. Let’s make it interesting by setting a target of 7 hours 45 minutes.

Entries are still open <HERE>. I look forward to seeing you at the start.

3 thoughts on “The Great Ocean Ride …

    1. I’ve ridden most of 135km course but in the reverse direction. The wind was very light enabling me to solo it in good time. A strong sou’wester would see me in trouble. Cheers.

      1. It’s one I’ve wanted to fly up and explore (at least part of it, not sure I’d be up for the full 200+ route). Maybe later this year I’ll get the chance. Lock onto some strong wheels and have a great ride!

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