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The Supreme Court has found that the CFMEU broke the law in orchestrating the outbreak of thuggery in Melbourne’s CBD last year. The protests were intended to bring GROCON to heal. Justice Cavanough found the union guilty of contempt on five separate days in August and September, during which police were attacked and their horses punched. Union boss John Setka, who has a string of convictions was singled out for special mention.

Federal and State Labor politicians are leading members of the CFMEU fan club. The Socialist Left faction welcomed the union back into its ranks earlier this year, it is the faction of the Victorian  opposition leader who has refused refused to criticise the union’s illegal actions, saying, “I’ve not read the judgment”.

Could it be that he is in their pocket?

AUSTRALIA’S most militant union has been quietly underpinning the Labor Party’s finances, donating more than $9.1 million since the start of the Cole royal commission, placing intense pressure on the Gillard government over the future of industrial relations policy.

Analysis of political donations shows the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union has been the biggest donor to the ALP national office since the turn of the century as well as one of the core contributors to the party’s state branches.

As the CFMEU today embarks on one of its most controversial public protests in years, The Australian has obtained a detailed analysis of how Labor profits from the union, explaining the party’s reluctance to distance itself from its at times violent tactics.



“I’m saying very very clearly that at the end of the day there is nothing illegal, nothing immoral and nothing wrong with what has happened here”.


The NSW division of the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) has run a rehabilitation facility in Sydney, Foundation House, since 2000, in partnership with the building industry.

Most of the foundation’s board, a mixture of industry and union representatives, quit late last year over the diversion of funds they believed were earmarked for drug and alcohol programs. At least $500,000 and maybe more than $1 million raised through a workplace levy on employees and employers was transferred to unspecified CFMEU “safety initiatives”.

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CFMEU workplace reform association …

Violent scenes have erupted at a building site in Melbourne’s CBD this morning as striking construction workers clashed with mounted police as they advanced on their picket line.

There were reports of unionists punching and hitting police horses while police were forced to use capsicum spray when four officers were pushed to the ground by protesters just after 7am. People attempting to work at the site have been threatened. The protest is aimed at forcing Grocon to bow to CFMEU demands that the company pay for union appointed stewards on the construction site.

Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten said the federal government did not condone violence.

“We do not condone in any shape or form, regardless of whose doing it, unlawful action,”
Quite so, but we can make it a lot easier for you by removing the watchdog and the penalties …
SMH October 11, 2011
The Labor government must abolish the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) and remove its coercive powers, the nation’s powerful construction union says.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard told caucus on Tuesday legislation to abolish the watchdog would be introduced to parliament by the end of the year.

How thoughtful of them.