Sandwiches …

Miss Gillard had to duck a verbal sandwich from PNG Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

He was fairly blunt in telling the prime minister of the donor country that props up the PNG government with aid money (this year about 8.5 per cent of the PNG budget) that many of his fellow compatriots are offended by Australia’s visa requirements.

Miss Gillard has announced that the visa process will be streamlined. I guess a woman has to be careful in Papua New Guinea …

In early February, a 20-year-old mother of one, Kepari Leniata, was stripped and burned alive in front of a crowd at a market on the outskirts of Mt Hagen.

She had been accused of witchcraft by her killers.

In Southern Bougainville last week, one woman was beheaded and another grievously injured when a mob accused the pair of practising sorcery.


A US academic says she was gang-raped by an armed mob in Papua New Guinea and wants to publicise her ordeal to raise awareness about rampant violence against women in the desperately poor Pacific country.

As Jean G Zorn puts it

Rape is endemic in Papua New Guinea, and the courts in Papua New Guinea have not been effective at decreasing its incidence.

Debtski …

Total tax revenue last financial year … $317 billion.

Projected for this year … $340 billion.

Increase over last year 7.25%.

Yes, I said increase. Mr Swan and Miss Gillard are crying woe is us because of an unexpected fall in government revenue. If you expect more than a 7.25% increase in annual income you may well be disappointed!

There are three things to consider expenditure, expenditure and expenditure. These are the key to the budget black hole.

And the government continue to promise plenty of expenditure …

The slushpuppy …

Nothing to see here folks, move along, move along.

“There will be nothing wrong under a government I lead”.

The whole AWU slush fund affair is nothing more than a vile smear from such blackguards as Michael Smith, Larry Pickering and that utterly despicable Kangaroo Court of Australia … the last so scurrilous I dare not post a link.

Although, it does seem that Victoria Police are investigating the matter. Seems Miss Gillard told one Mr Fordham, on 2GB, in March, that she was in the same room as Mr Blewitt when that infamous power of attorney was signed.

The Australian

With questioning so far of witnesses in Queensland, Victoria, NSW and Western Australia, up to a dozen detectives are particularly interested in the creation and operation of a union election slush fund, misleadingly called the AWU Workplace Reform Association.

The entity was set up and formally registered in Perth with the help of Gillard’s legal advice (as a solicitor at Slater & Gordon) to her then boyfriend and client, AWU official Bruce Wilson, and his union sidekick, Ralph Blewitt. The two men allegedly used it as a slush fund to siphon hundreds of thousands of dollars from Thiess during the construction company’s development of a major project that required both labour and industrial peace from AWU members.

Some of the money, which was kept secret from everyone else in the union, would go into a $230,000 terrace house at 85 Kerr Street, Fitzroy, bought by Wilson (in Blewitt’s name) at an auction he attended with Gillard, whose firm would manage the conveyancing. The terrace house was Wilson’s home in Melbourne during his relationship with Gillard and his time as secretary of the Victorian branch of the AWU. The money from the property’s sale a few years later went directly to Blewitt and Wilson, not the union, whose national leadership discovered too late that the union had been used in a scam.

So the question is “Do the police have evidence that Mr Blewitt and Miss Gillard were on opposite sides of Australia during the relevant period?”

I guess their ABC will keep us informed …


More on Ms Ogyny …

Miss Gillard’s failure to connect is all the fault of the media. Recent days have seen attention given to the insulting tendency to call Miss Gillard by her first name. That the left is happy to call the late Mrs Thatcher a witch or worse isn’t misogyny, its just the usual foaming at the mouth rudeness expected of the left.

And this first name business is it really new? What do Kevni or Little Johnny think about all of this?

Green Jacket …

Whilst travelling in the car at lunch time I was listening to the ABC’s News Radio.

The big news was that Miss Gillard, please take note of the newly found respect, Miss Gillard congratulated Adam Scott on his success in the US Masters.

Isn’t she fabulous, well at least the ABC think so. Expect them to find a way to inject her into every good news story between now and the election.

Thankfully, attention had shifted to Adam Scott, himself by the time I drove home.

Simpletons …

From the very outset of Gillard’s government, she and her ministers have seen Tony Abbott as an easy target. Let’s face it, he’s stiff and he’s religious, nerdy. It obviously seemed like a good idea to play the man not the ball. Everything was blamed on the AbbottAbbottAbbott. Even the famous misogyny speech was an ad hominem attack … the ball, for those who lost sight of it, was Mr Slipper.

Tony turns out to a bit like an onion. As the attacks took off layer after layer it revealed a fresh, juicy, wholesome interior. Is he a simpleton? How many simpletons were Rhodes Scholars? He graduated with a Master’s degree from Queens College, Oxford. A whole bunch of other things weren’t obvious on the surface, years of voluntary work with aboriginal projects and with the Rural Fire Brigade. He’s the misogynist with a female chief of staff!

You’d think they’d learn. Someone once said “No publicity is bad publicity”, to which Brenda Behan added ” … except your own obituary.” Mr Abbott can thank Julia and Penny for giving him plenty of publicity and as they have done so their standing has fallen and his has done nothing but rise. They are writing their own obituaries.

So desperate are they to land a telling blow on Mr Negative they have not paused for a moment to consider the counter punch. This last jibe is a gift to Abbott, a free kick and fifty meter penalty … Abbott is an economic simpleton, Abbott is a wrecking ball. This from an outfit that had the luxury of being elected with a budget in surplus and have run up a massive debt, and with modestly declining income are determined to spend vastly more. They did promise to get back to surplus and as with all their promises they’ve got nowhere near keeping it.

Do you remember this little interview ... ?

JOURNALIST:  If you don’t make a, get the Budget back in to surplus in 2012-2013, this is a question to both of you, the cameras are on – will you resign?

PM:  (laughs) The Budget is coming back to surplus, no ifs no buts it will happen.

JOURNALIST:  So that’s a ‘yes’?

PM:  Matthew, I know and you know like these questions during campaigns but the Budget’s coming back to surplus.  There’s no credible analysis on our economic plan that it won’t come back to surplus.  I haven’t added a cent to it during this election campaign.  The figures are plain, they’re transparent, they’re from the Budget.  They’re there from the Mid-year Fiscal and Economic Outlook, they’re there from the Pre-Election Fiscal and Economic Outlook.  The figures are there for all to see.  

The figures are there for all to see, simpletons …

Who said that … ?

For far too long public debate in Australia has failed to nourish or inspire us…. The end result of this political cycle is a weary people who no longer believe what politicians say and who think the politicians saying it do not even believe it themselves.

In fact, Julia Gillard, maiden speech …

The Squandermonkeys …

… and their accomplice.

But first the monkeys. The lie from Wayne Swan  …

At the centre of our challenges we face in this year’s Budget is the huge hit to government revenues we’ve taken since the global financial crisis.

The truth can be seen at Catallaxyfiles


Do visit that link, there are some more graphs and some of the comments are spot on. It will show you that it ain’t the income that’s the problem, it’s the expenditure. But if you are going to sustain the expenditure you have to raise the money somehow. Your superannuation looks nice. The Cypriot solution, it’s obvious.

Enter Rob Oakeshott, he thinks it’s a great idea. Remember that he will leave the Parliament (hopefully very soon and with a large boot up his arse) with a nice big super safety net, provided under a completely different scheme to ours.

I have worked hard and saved sensibly for my retirement, reforms by Keating and Costello helped, the frequent changes to the rules did not. The only way we will ever see a good superannuation system is when the pollies are under the same rules as the rest of us.

Meantime, get your hands off my super, you thieving bitch.