Land rights for gay whales …

Poor Nova, she has outstanding sporting achievements under her belt and was in a position to reflect on the honour that she had earned by her own hard work and talent.

And then came affirmative action …

She has been picked for the senate for three reasons, her race, her gender and her celebrity.

And that from a team that yells racism and sexism at every turn.

Not surprisingly the local ALP members and volunteers, the very people who will be called upon to do the work that will get her elected, feel aggrieved at not being consulted.

I find it quite easy to believe she is more intelligent than Wayne Swan, more honest than Julia and unlikely to blow the branch funds at a brothel but any evidence of political nous is nowhere to be seen. It’s hard to imagine Ms Scrimgour bursting into tears at the honour done her by our prime minister.

It’s a sad turn of events … from home town hero to the gay whale of Australian politics.