Julia gets her Roxoff …

It’s now a race against time for Nicola … what sort of dent can she make in our freedom of speech with so little time left to do it.

Julia tells us that she knew of Nicola’s plan to depart a year ago. It must have been shortly after telling Julia the news that she was promoted to Attorney General, makes sense.

And farewell Senator Chris Evans, with three years of his term unserved (yet another Parole Board error?). Famous for dismantling the Pacific solution and boasting …

“The Rudd government pledged to dismantle the Pacific Solution. It has been done and there is no intention to return to that shameful period.”

He will be replaced in the portfolio for Tertiary Education, Skills, Jobs, Science and Research by Chris Bowen, fresh from his half arsed attempt to return us to “that shameful period.”

But some good news for the government … the celebrity minister for pink batts announces that the computer hand-out has been ‘’delivered on time and within budget’’. The importance of this project can be judged by his own words just 12 months ago …

“If the Opposition had their way, thousands of kids would miss out on new technology and the computers they do have would never be replaced or upgraded,” Mr Garrett said.

“In contrast, the Australian Government believes every kid in every school should have the best possible education … “

Can’t understand why they’ve scrapped it really.