Electricity Bill …

Ms Gillard promised she would not introduce it.

She and Mr Swan heaped scorn on the then opposition for the suggestion that Labor would introduce it.

The nation saw Labor as liars when they did introduce it.

Energy prices and business costs have gone up because of it.

An optimistic forecast of its effect … restraining the increase in world temperature by 0.0034°C by 2100.

Prior to the last election Labor promised to abolish it.

The electorate certainly gave the Coalition Government the mandate to abolish it.

Today Labor joined with the Green to frustrate its removal.

It may be detrimental to the economy, useless for the environment but anything that hampers Australia’s recovery is good news for Labor because it reflects on Abbott.


Boats, what boats … ?

Mr Abbott’s new policy of not telling the media about illegal boat arrivals is not a policy I like. It does make it difficult for the interested observer to judge whether Mr Abbott’s key promise is being made good.

On the other hand, when was it the job of government to do the news gathering for the media? There was a time when news reporters went out and gathered it for themselves. There is nothing to stop them putting a reporter on Christmas Island and watching the docks. It’s a job I wouldn’t mind myself, despite the lack of ice-cream.

Temperament …

“There are, in my opinion, difficult times which lie ahead and I sometimes question, I really do question, having known Mr Abbott for a long, long time whether he really has the temperament for that sort of thing,” Mr Rudd told Today Tonight.

“You have got to sit back and think and calmly reflect and then work through what the best decision is and judgment and experience are quite important.

Simpletons …

From the very outset of Gillard’s government, she and her ministers have seen Tony Abbott as an easy target. Let’s face it, he’s stiff and he’s religious, nerdy. It obviously seemed like a good idea to play the man not the ball. Everything was blamed on the AbbottAbbottAbbott. Even the famous misogyny speech was an ad hominem attack … the ball, for those who lost sight of it, was Mr Slipper.

Tony turns out to a bit like an onion. As the attacks took off layer after layer it revealed a fresh, juicy, wholesome interior. Is he a simpleton? How many simpletons were Rhodes Scholars? He graduated with a Master’s degree from Queens College, Oxford. A whole bunch of other things weren’t obvious on the surface, years of voluntary work with aboriginal projects and with the Rural Fire Brigade. He’s the misogynist with a female chief of staff!

You’d think they’d learn. Someone once said “No publicity is bad publicity”, to which Brenda Behan added ” … except your own obituary.” Mr Abbott can thank Julia and Penny for giving him plenty of publicity and as they have done so their standing has fallen and his has done nothing but rise. They are writing their own obituaries.

So desperate are they to land a telling blow on Mr Negative they have not paused for a moment to consider the counter punch. This last jibe is a gift to Abbott, a free kick and fifty meter penalty … Abbott is an economic simpleton, Abbott is a wrecking ball. This from an outfit that had the luxury of being elected with a budget in surplus and have run up a massive debt, and with modestly declining income are determined to spend vastly more. They did promise to get back to surplus and as with all their promises they’ve got nowhere near keeping it.

Do you remember this little interview ... ?

JOURNALIST:  If you don’t make a, get the Budget back in to surplus in 2012-2013, this is a question to both of you, the cameras are on – will you resign?

PM:  (laughs) The Budget is coming back to surplus, no ifs no buts it will happen.

JOURNALIST:  So that’s a ‘yes’?

PM:  Matthew, I know and you know like these questions during campaigns but the Budget’s coming back to surplus.  There’s no credible analysis on our economic plan that it won’t come back to surplus.  I haven’t added a cent to it during this election campaign.  The figures are plain, they’re transparent, they’re from the Budget.  They’re there from the Mid-year Fiscal and Economic Outlook, they’re there from the Pre-Election Fiscal and Economic Outlook.  The figures are there for all to see.  

The figures are there for all to see, simpletons …

Pass the yonnies …

As the ABC is to the BBC so Fairfax is to the Guardian.

The BBC just lost its head because its Newsnight programs rushed to judgement in the case of an alleged paedophile. The case was put that an unnamed peer was guilty of sexual abuse. Unnamed but instantly recognisable, especially after George Monbiot, a Guardian journalist, tweeted it to the world. Lord McAlpine called his lawyer. George wrote his apology, full of self-serving twaddle, but nonetheless probably the only thing he’s written that’s worth reading.

Meanwhile, back in the colonies, Fairfax offers this …

<Brisbane Times>

So now the man responsible for all the governments mistakes is also guilty of all of the sins of the catholic church.

Maybe Mr. Abbott should also call his lawyers.

Julia goes viral …

The video of Julia lambasting Tony Abbott in the House yesterday has, it seems, gone viral. Feminists everywhere are thrilled, it is featured by the Guardian no less, has been widely praised and is set to knock off GangNam Style in the popularity stakes.

Outside our shores, and outside its context, it can take on a life of its own. Feisty woman yells abuse at man in suit. Advanced abuse, multi-syllables. Colour and movement, flaming hair, etc.


But remember, this virago is our Prime Minister, this tirade is in defence of a man who has shown himself to be devoid of respect for women by his language and behaviour but who is useful to the government. The abuse is aimed at the leader of the opposition who she says hasn’t done enough to distance himself from comments made not by him, not by a member of the parliamentary Liberal party, comments that Mr. Abbott has said he disagrees with, comments in stark contrast to his own words of condolence said so recently in the House. It is utter hypocracy, and it failed, Mr. Slipper had sufficient decency to resign.

It is not so long ago that this woman said “Game on.” It’s a game she’s losing badly …

… and what a sore loser she is

Slip up …

Shame, really …

Julia made an impassioned attack on the AbbottAbbottAbbott for his misogyny in her passionate defence of the nice Mr. Slipper. The government stood firm at her back, the filthy AbbottAbbottAbbott must go, the nice Mr. Slipper must return. The usual independents agreed.

You’ve got to feel sorry for the lovely Julia, attacked for nothing more than being a woman.

And admire the way she came out swinging … the defiant victim of sexism taking back the night … and the nice Mr. Slipper.

Oh, Mr. Slipper has resigned.

I guess that’s what happens when you flex your mussel … instead of your brain.