Where is the health inspector … ?

Nothing shonky here, folks, move right along.

Mr Sheldon, secretary of the Transport Workers Union and Labor’s national vice-president, recently had this to say about the scandal-plagued NSW Right faction of the ALP …

“Like cockroaches, B-grade politicians are able to thrive on the corruption and detritus that lies under the dishwasher,”

“Our crisis is more than just a crisis of trust brought on by the corrupt behaviour of property scammers and lobbyists,”

“It’s a crisis of belief brought on by a lack of moral and political purpose.”

Now, friends in high places, or under the dishwasher can be very valuable. A gift from a close personal friend could earn a well placed guy a $1oom, say. And a gift from a close personal friend wouldn’t need to be declared on the parliamentary register of pecuniary interests.

Eddy and co own a resort at Perisher, in peak season apartments at the Stables can cost as much as $2690 for a weekend.

Senator Conroy, on his first full day as the Gillard government’s Senate leader, admits he and his family enjoyed free hospitality at Perisher, not declared because it was a personal gift, which must make him a good friend.

There are a few good friends around, I notice former senator Arbib gets a mention. Tony Burke, minister for sustainability stayed a couple of times. And of course Mr MacDonald was a very, very good friend and honoured guest.

Mr Shorten denies being a friend, apparently skiing is among the things he can’t do.


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