Jug ears …

Prince Charles recently criticised ‘corporate lobbyists’ and climate change skeptics for turning Earth into a ‘dying patient’. His pronouncements can be turned into legible English by the aid of a few insertions …

“If you think about the impact of climate change, [it should be how] a doctor would deal with the problem,” he told an audience of government ministers, from the UK and abroad, as well as business people and scientists. “A scientific hypothesis is tested to absolute destruction, but medicine can’t wait. If a doctor sees a child with a fever, he can’t wait for [endless] tests. He has to act on what is there …”

“The risk of delay is so enormous that we can’t wait until we are absolutely sure the patient is dying.”

The Prince is a well known advocate for homeopathy and an opponent of genetically modified crops. He is not famous for his intellect, grasp of science or medicine …

The Daily Mash sums it all up very nicely <HERE>. And they also have a very interesting range of T-Shirts.

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