Trust me …

We are at the end of a boom.

The money has been rolling in. Things get tougher from here. We should be cashed up and ready to respond to tighter times. We’re not.

Why not? Well, two terms of Labor government have a lot to do with that, and Mr Rudd reduces the issue to the question “Who do you trust?”. He does seem to be making it very easy.

Even the Fin Review, a Fairfax rag can tell you the answer. It does its best to soften the blow for Labor, the Telegraph puts it more bluntly …



2 thoughts on “Trust me …

  1. The Australian media should be restricted to the “accurate” reporting of the facts instead of publishing their biased opinions, disguised as facts.

    I think it is totally immoral when the election of the leader of a country can be deliberately influenced by powerful, non-Australian citizens.

    This is Australia, and the election of Australia’s Prime Minister is a matter for Australian citizens and ONLY Australian citizens.

    It is not the business of any other person or organization.



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