Ball tampering …

The UK Telegraph had reached a low point on a pretty steep curve with the Pacu article, but just when I thought it safe to go back in the water I read about the ashes.

This is the beauty and cruelty of the five-Test series: there is no hiding-place for a player to flounder ashore, as in a three-Test series … One of those ‘Chinese cuts’ vividly illustrated the latent devil in this pitch … It was not only England’s bowlers who made the ball talk … such was his desire to consummate his life’s ambition. But he swept across the line, and was not bowled, but fulfilled.

Floundering ashore, perhaps without your bollocks, whilst they are back in the water discussing your life’s ambition with a devil of a Pacu or two, an ambition now never to be fulfilled … so sad.

But on a brighter cricketing note, Judge Dharmasena is hearing the case of a man accused of stealing a watch. The CCTV evidence is unhelpful and there are no witnesses. After lengthy deliberation comes a guilty verdict. “I just thought he nicked it”.



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