Sex appeal …

I gave at the office.

But leaving that aside …

“If any male employer stood up in the workplace anywhere in Australia and pointed out a female staff member and said this person is a good staff member because they’ve got sex appeal, I think people would scratch their heads at least and the employer would find themselves in serious strife,” Kevin Rudd 2013.


Kevin Rudd has admitted visiting a New York strip club during a drunken night while representing Australia at the United Nations.

Mr Rudd issued a statement yesterday to News Limited papers, confirming he went to the club but could not recall the events of the evening because he “had too much to drink”. Sydney Morning Herald, August 19, 2007.

Admittedly, New York is not in Australia, but there is one question I would ask Mr Rudd and that question is this (you will have noticed how I put that in Rudd speech) …

If there were strip clubs in Australia would it be reasonable for the employer to point out a female employee and say this is a good staff member because they’ve got sex appeal?


Jodhi Meares
Jodhi Meares

Now she does have sex appeal, tits of the nation, just ask Mr Yat-sen Li, ALP candidate for the marginal seat of Bennelong.

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