A denier, again …

On February 15th an asteroid weighing about 10,000 tonnes entered Earth’s atmosphere at about 67,000 km/hr. On impact with the air it exploded into thousands of pieces 23 km above Russia’s Ural Mountains.

 The city of Chelyabinsk and neighboring communities bore the brunt of the shock wave which shattered thousands of windows and flattened the roof of a zinc factory. Flying glass injured some 1,500 people.

What’s believed to be the largest piece punched a 7 metre hole in the ice covering Lake Chebarkul 78 km west of Chelyabinsk.

Andrei Breivichko founder of the Church of the Cheylabinsk Meteorite believes that this particular chunk brings a message from God containing legal and moral guidelines in the form of “scriptures” that would elevate humankind to a new level of consciousness. Only the faithful, of course, could interpret such a message.
Nonsense, of course … if God wanted to send us a message it’s obvious he’d write it in English.

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