Clitanic abandoned …

Good news for the passengers, the fossil fuelled helicopter rescue has been safely completed. The crew of the Akademik Shokalskiy remain to look after her but the others are all now ensconced on the Aurora Australis.

This includes, of course, Professor Turney’s children who are vital members of the scientific party, their task being to communicate the awful news of clear and present climate change to school children throughout the world.

The main stream media are doing their utmost to present this fiasco in the least embarrassing light. bring us this …

While scientists expect and observe more extreme weather with man-made global warming, some say it’s not quite fair to blame the Antarctic blizzard that trapped the ship on climate change.

University of Colorado ice scientist Waleed Abdalati, NASA’s former chief scientist, cautioned, like many scientists do, that while researchers can spot a trend in extreme weather, they can’t immediately associate an individual event -like a blizzard – with changing climate.

When scientists do attribute an individual extreme weather event to climate change, it is usually more than a year later after numerous computer model simulations and then published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Also, Antarctica, which is more governed by localised wind circulation and other characteristics, “is kind of its own beast,” Dr Abdalati said.

You can imagine how quickly that line would have been forgotten had the expedition not been thwarted by inescapable evidence of extreme cold.

All that remains now is for the Aurora Australis to reach clear water. The view out the back shows that they aren’t exactly ripping along …


You can check their progress at

One thought on “Clitanic abandoned …

  1. Gee, thanks Rob. I have to clean my desk now.
    There was so much sarcasm in that blog it has dripped onto the desk.

    However, I very much like the cams 🙂


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