Clitanic, the closing days …

Sigh of relief, the Aurora Australis is in clear water.

Not, however, clear to go on its way, the Xue Long is not certain of its ability to escape the pack so she must stand by to render assistance.

Meanwhile it is rumoured that 98% of main stream media reports don’t mention the mission or as Jo Nova puts it …

In the magical world of media spin, a boat full of mostly Australian climate scientists has turned into a Russian passenger ship stuck in ice. … where media crew on-board take hours to get the news out and everyone pretends this mission was not about promoting climate fear via the BBC World Service. The media contingent is so large on this mission there is not only a BBC journalist, and two Guardian reporters, but it also includes two Fairfax reporters on board the Aurora Australis as well.Never before in modern satellite media communications has it taken so many journalists to say so little, so slowly and so vaguely.

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