First cuckoo of autumn …

The McGee country residence is in the Victorian Goldfields. The passage of the seasons is marked by the coming and going of migrant birds.

The first Flame Robin is back at the farm. They are altitudinal migrants. The nearest I can find them in summer is on Mount Cole, south of us on the Great Dividing Range … this far west more the subtle dividing range rather than great. They will be with us until spring, they like the fences adjacent to short grass, or any other low perch from which they can pounce on their prey. The males bring some welcome winter colour.


Also present yesterday was a Fan-tailed Cuckoo, a first for the farm list. It was likely a youngster in the process of dispersal. It is unlikely to make its home here, the environment is a little too dry for it.

It will soon be time to prune the vines.

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