Reverse Turing manoeuvre …

Alan Turing was gay and a genius, he laid the foundation for modern computing. Persecution led to his suicide in 1954. A great loss to the world.

Reuters April 3rd

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Mozilla Chief Executive Brendan Eich has stepped down, the company said on Thursday, after an online dating service urged a boycott of the company’s web browser because of a donation Eich made to opponents of gay marriage.

The software company came under fire for appointing Eich as CEO last month. In 2008, he gave money to oppose the legalization of gay marriage in California, a hot-button issue especially at a company that boasts about its policy of inclusiveness and diversity.

While gay activists applauded the move, many in the technology community lamented the departure of Eich, who invented the programming language Javascript and co-founded Mozilla.

Eich donated $1,000 in 2008 in support of California’s Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage in the state until it was struck down by the Supreme Court in June.

Proposition 8, a referendum put to the people of California, was passed in November 2008 with 52.4%  of the vote and presumably to the approval of one Barack Obama …


I don’t give a rat’s arse about gay marriage much less my own. I am one of the many Australians who live in a committed relationship without benefit of state or church sanction. And that privilege is available to gay couples too. I do care about the right of a person to donate to or speak up for a cause they believe in without it leading to their subsequent victimisation.

Inclusiveness and diversity is not best expressed by kicking someone out.

Why is President Obama wearing a scarlet letter … all is explained <HERE>.



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