The ABC is the dog …


This is the way that the ABC thought it appropriate to depict its right wing critics.

After the event the ABC investigated itself and found

A controversial Chaser sketch depicting a News Corp columnist having sex with a dog didn’t breach the ABC’s editorial policies, the ABC’s complaints department has found.

The ABC will today notify almost 200 complainants that the photo-shopped image of Australian columnist Chris Kenny having sex with a dog would have offended many viewers but was legitimate satire.

The ABC, champions of free speech … when it suits them.

Mr Kenny was not amused and sued. Eventually Mark Scott, ABC managing director, found it expedient to issue an apology, immediately devalued by the producers of the skit who said that they did not apologise. And to make sure that Mr Kenny didn’t revel in any sense of victory the ABC issued an ultimatum – drop the case or face the consequences of a legal battle against a corporation backed by any amount of taxpayer’s money.

Mr Kenny would not be bullied and tonight the ABC will apologise on air.

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