It’s bloody cold in Rutherglen …

Back in my home state now and thinking ahead to the next vintage. Bud burst is just around the corner, I have delayed pruning this year in the hope that it will set it back enough to escape the November frosts. Of course the best Victorian reds come from Rutherglen …

Fringed by the Victorian Alps to the south and mighty Murray River to the north, Rutherglen is nestled in a special little corner of North East Victoria. Whilst the town’s foundations were built on gold, it is a passion for wine that has shaped the town’s fortunes in the 150 years since.

Ah, Rutherglen, close as well to some excellent birdwatching places, Chiltern and Warby Ranges.

It made the news these last few days for an entirely different reason. Jennifer Marohasy, an Australian biologist and currently adjunct Research Fellow at Central Queensland University, wonders what the Bureau of Meteorology has been up to in Rutherglen. Her graph …

Screen-Shot-2014-08-27-at-4.22.55-AMScience often starts with the measuring of things. Temperature springs to mind. We’ve had the good old calibrated mercury thermometer since it was invented by Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit 1714. Used carefully it can give you a good idea of the whether the world has been warming or not. The Bureau of Meteorology is a committed believer in anthropogenic global warming. The increasing sprawl of bitumen tends to bias the thermometer record in favour of their point of view, the well-known urban heat island effect. However a cooling trend is an embarrassment. Read Dr Marohasy to find out how this can easily be fixed.

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