Milestones …

Back from Africa to a raft of changes.

Perhaps the biggest is the sale of my practice. I left not knowing whether I would be coming back to work or to retirement. And it turned out to be the latter.

At least for the day job. The night job is as busy as ever … I shall be coaxing the notes out of my bari sax for as long as I can find the breath. Some of my new-found spare time may even permit more practice, I’m told that’s good for your playing, always did mean to try it. This evening’s gig is with MoJO at …


Kicks off at 6.30 pm this very day at The Sir William Fry Reserve, Nepean Highway, Cheltenham, Victoria. Finishes with fireworks around 9.30.

My state government has changed hands. The Liberals have been given the boot. For my many American readers the Liberals, confusingly, are on the right of politics. They did absolutely nothing to deserve re-election so it serves them right. On the other hand I don’t think my fellow Victorians did anything to warrant being ruled by the Unions. Three more years of chaos coming up.

This blog has passed one thousand posts. I changed the header to celebrate. Hat tip to Mal Brown who talked me into joining the conversation. The travel segments especially are widely read, they always attract new followers. Before you get bored with the tedium of real life and my half-hearted crusade for free speech may I plead with you … now that I am retired I can’t afford to travel like I did. My pen is for hire, if you need some travel writing done all you need to do is pay for my travel.

Like a batsman reaching a century and taking guard again, for no other reason than to say I’m now going to start a new innings and hit another hundred runs, a thousand posts is a moment to refocus. And yes I said batsman, that’s what they were called when I was a kid, a batter was something to dip your fish in before you fried it. Sadly, a refreshingly decent young batsman was killed at the crease a couple of weeks ago. Farewell Phillip Hughes. It was good to see the Aussies win the test against India, brilliant bowling from Nathan Lion. Brilliant bowling in a State game too, Sean Abbott six for 14 from seven overs.

Beating the Indians on Australian soil has always been taken for granted. That may be about to change, their stand-in captain, Virat Kohli, is a warrior. We have a contest.

There is, I’m told, a Long-billed Dowitcher at Lake Tutchewop. That’s 347 km from my keyboard. I’ve seen hundreds in Alaska but it would be new on my Aussie list. I’m playing Monday night and Wednesday night. Then Saturday. Then I’m free for a couple of weeks. Will it stay? Decisions …

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