Hitting the road …

The time had come, we said farewell to our St Simon’s friends and picked up the Chevy in Jacksonville. They packed up and took themselves to safety. We headed north, initially in heavy traffic out of Florida.

Our route largely followed Interstate 75, the modern version of the old Dixie Highway. We were in no great hurry. You don’t see the place at its best from the Interstate so we took other paths from time to time.

The journey was more than 1,300 miles (2,100 km) and visited six states. The road system and signage are excellent and the navigatrix was perfect. At one end of the journey it was summer plumage and green leaves …

… at the other end it’s faded feathers and autumn leaves.

This last week we have been staying with friends in Boyne City. Our furthest north was Mackinac Bridge and Mackinaw City in Michigan.

Tomorrow we fly to London, England. We will be taking the tube from Heathrow, light a candle for us.

Before I relate our adventures in the Old Art I will post a few more of the highlights here in the US of A.

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