Tennessee …

When you hear the whistle blowing eight in a bar

then you know that Tennessee ain’t very far …

We slipped over the Georgia Tennessee border just outside of Chattanooga. If you just took in the clip above you’d have seen the snow through the window. There was none on the I-75 … perhaps because the movie is set in a ski resort in Idaho. I believe the baritone sax player was Ernie Caceras. The support crew are the Glenn Miller Orchestra and some dancers.

Tennessee is much broader east west than it is north south. We didn’t pause until we got to Rocky Top in the north east. The motel receptionist was the very model of miserable, grudging unhelpfulness. I would give the Scottish Inn a miss, there are other motels. On the other hand next time you’re in Rocky Top make sure you eat at La Fiesta, inexpensive but plenty of excellent food. And served with a smile.To go with the meal I would recommend a Dos Equis, a big one. Two if you’re staying at the Scottish Inn.

Gayle settled for a Budweiser, very much like making love in a canoe …

… itself an excerpt from the Philosopher’s Song which you can also find on YouTube if philosophy is your thing.

The following morning we had a picnic breakfast in the Norris Dam State Park.

Norris Dam

Then we headed for Kentucky …

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