Where was I …

Half way up the I-75 as I recall.

Since then I’ve visited London, UK and now I’m back in Oz.

A quick walk around the country estate (in the Goldfields, Victoria) this morning turned up some of our spring migrants, Sacred Kingfisher and Horsefields Bronze Cuckoo. The signature tune of spring here is provided by the Rufous Songlark. Whoever named this bird was using rose-tinted hearing aids. It’s back and welcome despite its scratchy voice. I guess it was never going to be called a Screechlark.

I found a platypus busy in the creek that makes my eastern boundary. I haven’t seen one in ages so it’s almost a relief to find they’re still around. Last summer the creek was just a series of billabongs but it’s flowing presently.

The grass is up. The fire season approaches so the mower will get plenty of work in the next few weeks. But there’s less need for firewood so I can put down the chainsaw for a while.

The winter crop this year has been canola (rapeseed for some of you). It got off to a poor start. It was very cold this winter and germination was very slow. It’s patchy but overall it’s done better than expected …

Life’s good.

Back to the I-75 …

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