Safely home …

Flew Emirates from Oslo to Dubai and then to Melbourne. Their entertainment system is the best. Since I would be arriving in Melbourne at bedtime I decided to tough it out without sleep and hopefully get into the time zone with a flying start. I would recommend some good movies if I could remember what they were.

Overnight in Melbourne then picked up the dog. It came as a great relief that after 8 weeks she still loves me. The pick up was carefully timed so that the kids of the house she was staying at were at school – they love her too and will miss her.

Thirty millimetres of rain in the gauge and a green veneer in the paddocks. The Victorian Goldfields are looking great. Soon had a fire going in the stove. Went to bed at quarter time in the Friday night footy. Carlton were up at that stage. I’m writing this at 1am, so much for the strategy of staying awake on the plane. Carlton were still up at half time, just. Done by thirty in the end. Poor Carlton, it’s not going to be their year … again.

I will get around to writing about Bhutan but I think it makes more sense to finish up the Arctic sojourn first. So Polar Bears and Walruses coming soon to a blog near you. If you are reading this as email please remember that your web server supports features that email does not.

Polar Bear, Ursus maritimus and glacier

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