My Favourite Rock …

Day trips from Merredin will take you through wheat fields to rocks, salt lakes or towns. Actually all of the above.

The most famous of the rocks is Wave Rock at Hyden. It is a working rock in so far as there is a wall and waterworks on it. Admission is charged and there is a cafe and caravan park. Dogs are permitted around the base of the rock perhaps for no other reason that they had run out of space on the sign …

It’s a popular spot, patience is required to get a photo that doesn’t include strangers.

The wave is impressive and not far away you can enjoy The Hippo’s Yawn and a short drive takes you to Mulka’s cave. Poor Mulka was the offspring of wrong-way copulation. This time the violation of skin group law resulted in a cross-eyed giant. Because of his eyes he couldn’t aim a spear so he took to eating the local children. His mother told him off for this so he killed her. There are hand paintings in his cave above the reach of ordinary people.

The story served to warn small children not to stray and older folk to obey skin-group law.

Famous but not my favourite. That honour goes to Elachbutting Rock. It has an excellent wave and there is every chance you can have it all to yourself. The dog though is not welcome.

Archie’s Pass is a narrow canyon that can be negotiated on foot. It’s dark and not entirely even, watch out for your ankles.

You can drive up onto the end of the rock and enjoy views of the surrounding country.

It’s a wild rock, no water works. There is a large area of woodland around the rock which gets to enjoy the rainfall. It looks in good nick and there is vegetation connecting it to another conservation area, Yannymooning Rock. The birding was excellent.

Watch out for the Ornate Dragon, they run too fast for easy photos, and look out for the Red-leafed Sundew – they’re not quite as pretty but they keep still.

Drosera bulbosa

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