Accent, what accent … ?

Most of the people I meet don’t have an accent. We’re all Australians. People from other places have accents, I’m sure you’ve noticed that.

Likewise, the ABC is not biased, right wingers are the only people who could possibly think otherwise.

Getup, a centrist organisation if ever there was one, is a good friend of the ABC determined to protect it from the IPA, clearly a fascist organisation. Really, every one with a brain realises that the Q&A audience are utterly typical of everyone with a brain. QED.

On the other hand, those of us that have got most of life’s major decisions right are not only likely to be of the right we also have the ABC to thank for the knowledge that not everyone is so blessed. For them the science is settled and if a voice is raised against the social monologue it must be shouted down ASAP. We, because we don’t think like that, are constantly reminded that science by its very nature is never settled and the social polylogue continues. It’s good to be aware of diversity.

Good but, perhaps, not worth a billion dollars a year, funded mostly by life’s higher achievers. The argument for a national broadcaster was compelling in a time when there was little else available. In this day and age we can source radio from anywhere in the world thanks to the web, there are TV channels aplenty, you can have the Age delivered or read the Times of India on-line instead. But even in modern Australia no other media organisation can have a TV channel or four, a Radio channel or four and an online print news service in the same market place.

It’s time to cut it loose. It’ll survive, it’s already receiving donations from little girls.

Silver linings …

And while we’re talking about the ABC consider this …

Final figures show last year’s budget deficit $543m lower than expected

I heard the ABC take on this in the car. In their determination to find a silver lining in every Labor cloud they were selling the notion that after years of promising a surplus a budget deficit of $18.8 billion was cool because the forecast of five months ago was half a billion larger. (Another way to think of it is as a train of thirty eight carriages costing half a billion dollars each, isn’t it great that only thirty seven were destroyed in the train wreck.) They thought a net debt of $153 billion was fine too because it was predicted to be 5.6% bigger five months ago.

On the other hand, thunder clouds were in evidence when Mr Hockey declined to say when he would deliver a surplus … after all he’s been in the job for two whole weeks now.

I can think of one place he could save $1.18 billion.

Leaning …

The bias that the ABC tells us it doesn’t have can now be tested by its very own impartial fact checking unit.

It has appointed former Fairfax journalist, Russell Skelton to head it. As the ad said …

The editor will lead and manage the unit, to deliver engaging content that builds a reputation for accuracy, impartiality and clarity.

Roger Franklin at Quadrant suggests that Mr Franklin might have  “a rather passionate distaste for conservatives,” in light of this piece from his portfolio …

The 2020 Summit has been just such an exercise. For one weekend a national conversation took place about the future of the country without a bunch of once-influential marsupials shouting down discussion of significant policy issues.

These are the possums of the conservative commentariat. They are an invasive, boisterous species. They make their nests within the pages of Quadrant magazine (an obscure journal with a circulation that is a fraction of the Kmart catalogue), and invade the columns of News Limited papers and the hollowed-out walls of right-wing think tanks.

Mr Skelton joins his wife Virginia Trioli at the ABC and should fit in quite nicely.

Leaner can have a couple of meanings

  • to be inclined (… to the left perhaps)
  • to have less fat

Hopefully the ABC will be much leaner after the next election.


Plagiarism at the ABC …

Lies, damned lies and ALP spin …

Consider this Emma Alberici paragraph …

Back to that $96 billion “Labor debt” inherited by the Howard government in 1996 – which actually comprised $40 billion of Fraser government debt that carried through the Hawke-Keating years taking the true level of Labor debt in 1996 to $56 billion. Bringing down that debt wasn’t all about constrained spending and higher taxes, in fact neither of those things were characteristics of the Howard-Costello years. Government asset sales between 1996 and 2007 worth $72 billion wiped the net debt out entirely with $16 billion to spare.

Read Sinclair Davidson on its history and innacuracy.