Accent, what accent … ?

Most of the people I meet don’t have an accent. We’re all Australians. People from other places have accents, I’m sure you’ve noticed that.

Likewise, the ABC is not biased, right wingers are the only people who could possibly think otherwise.

Getup, a centrist organisation if ever there was one, is a good friend of the ABC determined to protect it from the IPA, clearly a fascist organisation. Really, every one with a brain realises that the Q&A audience are utterly typical of everyone with a brain. QED.

On the other hand, those of us that have got most of life’s major decisions right are not only likely to be of the right we also have the ABC to thank for the knowledge that not everyone is so blessed. For them the science is settled and if a voice is raised against the social monologue it must be shouted down ASAP. We, because we don’t think like that, are constantly reminded that science by its very nature is never settled and the social polylogue continues. It’s good to be aware of diversity.

Good but, perhaps, not worth a billion dollars a year, funded mostly by life’s higher achievers. The argument for a national broadcaster was compelling in a time when there was little else available. In this day and age we can source radio from anywhere in the world thanks to the web, there are TV channels aplenty, you can have the Age delivered or read the Times of India on-line instead. But even in modern Australia no other media organisation can have a TV channel or four, a Radio channel or four and an online print news service in the same market place.

It’s time to cut it loose. It’ll survive, it’s already receiving donations from little girls.

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