A Byronic Garden …

In Byron I’m staying at a friend’s house. Carole has the most amazing Grevillias, Callistemons and red pom-pommy things …

Scaly-breasted Lorikeet
Noisy Miner
Blue-faced Honeyeater
Rainbow Lorikeet

Birdlife Australia have a very handy pdf on the birds and birding spots for Byron Shire. The bird watcher should google “Birds of Byron Bay – Birdlife Australia”.

Byron Bay …

Captain James Cook was the first tourist here and he started quite a trend. He could hardly miss the most easterly point of the mainland which he named after John Byron a mariner of note (and the grandfather of the overrated poet). Early European settlers developed serious pursuits such as timber getting and gold mining but these days it’s all about hedonism, sun-worship, yoga, coffee any style and very expensive houses. There are little pockets of residual rainforest and extensive areas of heath dominated by Banksias.

It is very different from the country on the inland side of the ranges.

Byron Bay
Tallows Beach
Byron Bay Lighthouse