Broome, Here We Are …

It’s warm, currently 37°C at the airport.

We flew Qantas, they boarded on time, took off on time, landed a few minutes early and didn’t lose our luggage. Good job, Qantas.

But … they messed up our veggie breakfast. We got one instead of two. It was an ommlette. Had Gayle needed to do emergency repairs to a shoe it would have come in handy as a temporary sole. We didn’t know whether to complain about not getting a meal or getting a meal.

We’re staying at a house with a large Pulp Fiction poster on the verandah. Very nice accommodation.

We wasted no time heading for the Port, the Sewage ponds and the town mangroves. Very nice new bird hide at the sewage ponds.

Isn’t that what everyone does when they visit Broome?

Bigger than Texas …

I’m tired out from all this travel. Need a holiday. Where to?

Western Australia perhaps. There are 2.646 million square kilometres to get lost in and just 2.6 million people to share it with. That’s almost three times the size of  Texas which is a mere 696,241 square kilometres. Texas is a little crowded though with more than ten times as many people (nearly 28 million).

So, it’s off to Broome, a favorite stamping ground. You can read about my last visit while you wait for me to share this visit.

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