Highlights …

Mr Rudd inspected the Liberal party figures today and accused Mr Abbott of a $10 billion fraud.

You’d have to agree that this would be cheap at twice the price. After all, it’s less than the difference between the last promised budget surplus and the actual budget deficit, and considerably less than the deficit of about $200 billion that Labor has accumulated since it last came to power.

And now it seems that the Departments of Treasury and Finance are scrambling to distance themselves from the costings that Mr Rudd is using.

Yesterday’s highlight must have been this …

I will leave Mr Rudd to engage in that kind of personal attack. I would simply suggest that if you want to know my character, ask my colleagues. If you want to know Mr Rudd’s character, ask his colleagues.

One thought on “Highlights …

  1. We should all be very careful what we wish for, as the black holes just might hide things they don’t want us to see until after the election.
    Who can believe anything any of them say.
    Like a child who has learnt how to respond to a parent, they only tell us what they know we want to hear.
    After the election, the smoke and mirrors will leave us all with tears in our eyes and bleeding from the cuts.
    Those who survive the 2013 election campaign will envy those who perished in it.
    In the meantime, we can only hope for the best and make sure the beer’s cold.




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