Macro Madness …

Ballarat’s Begonia Festival is in full swing. I went along yesterday with my macro lens for the opportunity to photograph an enormous collection of virtually unblemished flowers.

Walking back to the car around Lake Wendouree a Black Swan presented itself for a photo. The only lens I had with me was the 100mm macro lens. You use what you’ve got so here is the first photo I’ve taken of a live free bird with a macro lens!

The Bright Lights of Ballarat …

The gold rush to Ballarat began in 1851. The gold hasn’t completely run out even now. The city has a population of around 100,000 making it the third largest in the state of Victoria and also the third largest inland city in Australia.

By Australian standards the central district is rich in heritage buildings and at night it’s quite a vibrant place …

The Arch of Victory

Gateway to the Avenue of Honour which extends westwards for 22km in remembrance of those that died in the First World War. It was opened by the Prince of Wales on 3 June 1920.

Turn smartly around and head east instead and you’re on the main drag – Sturt Street.

St Patrick’s Cathedral completed 1871

… And in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. But keep heading east.

Ballarat Town Hall

The original town hall was destroyed by fire, this one was commenced in 1859.

Around the corner in Lydiard Street something more modern …

Regent Theatre, 1927.

Well worth a visit.