Place …

As a kid growing up in the east end of London, places like Epping Forest had an almost magical effect on me.

Australia is rich in places that have much the same ability, a little shiver and a sudden sense of smallness within a vast universe, others might say numinous but that would admit the supernatural.

My place in the country finds ways of doing it to me again and again.

Saturday morning we had our first frost for the year, as the sun gots its edge over the trees along the creek it highlighted a mist suspended on an inversion about 20 metres above the ground with a red sky backdrop, by the time I got the camera the whole place was enveloped in fog.

DSC_9431My morning walk …





Robin …

Just back from the farm.

The farm is in Victoria’s goldfields. Every winter the Flame Robins brighten the place up. Sadly they have been in diminishing numbers over the last dozen years. That is, until last year. Last winter was a very good year for robins and this year’s even better. The juveniles and females are fairly drab. Can’t be said of the males …

This photo was taken from the front porch.