A woman has been charged after she allegedly drove past police in Broome with a man wearing a dinosaur “onesie” and a snorkel on the bonnet of the car.

Police were on their way to Gantheaume Point Cable Beach at 7:20am on Sunday, when they spotted a white Ford Falcon wagon travelling about 60 kilometres an hour, with a man lying on the bonnet.

Police stopped the car, with the man still lying on the bonnet facing the driver, smoking a cigarette, dressed in a dinosaur onesie and wearing a snorkel.

A police spokesperson said the 23-year-old female driver was charged with driving with a blood alcohol level in excess of 0.05% and reckless driving.

The vehicle was seized under hoon legislation. The woman will be summonsed and appear in court at a later date.

Both the male and female are French nationals of no fixed address.  It is believed they are backpackers who were living in the vehicle.


The picture shows a dinosaur onesie, de rigeur in France.

Smoking through a snorkel … ?

Extraordinary news …

A very large chip has been served in Gloucestershire …

‘Is this the biggest chip in Gloucestershire?’

That’s the question one woman is asking after being served a gigantic chip at The Mill Inn in Withington today.

Laura Enfield was so stunned by the size of the potato treat she took a photo and sent it in.

“I couldn’t believe how big it was when I saw it,” she said.

“It’s definitely the biggest chip I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot of chips.”

She added: “I now plan to research the history of huge chips in the county. I just hope there are records.”



In a comment on the story BigDaveTheDog  said …

It is not how big it is, it’s where you stick it. If Laura Enfield had contacted me with this story her hemorrhoids would still be stinging with salt n vinegar.

Presidentially speaking …

As you all well know, because of decisions, that some derided at the time, but ones that I had the courage to make, as I say, some years ago, and let me also say this, decisions that Mr Abbott said no to, decisions as we all know he always says no to, Australia is about to take over presidency of the UN Security Council making me a very very important person on the world stage if not the central pillar that keeps it from sinking into the abyss.

It is incumbent on me, therefore, to abandon campaigning and fly post-haste to Canberra where President Obama awaits to brief me on the unfolding tragedy in Syria where it seems someone has put sarin into the chicken and mushroom risotto instead of a dash of pepper, I shall of course be flying via Brisbane in order to do some essential research on chicken and mushroom risotto and it’s importance in social media, as well as, let me say, as well as keeping some long-standing and entirely private but very important engagements.

It is, of course, entirely appropriate that the Australian people be kept from worrying about these matters of extreme importance, their intellect being so feeble that they can barely understand Kitchen Cabinet on TV.


Six six six …

I was talked into first twitter and then blogging by my good friend MalBrown2, convener for the Greens on the Mornington Peninsula, and for all that a wonderful guy.

In the early days with WordPress every blog was a milestone, they gave you every encouragement with messages like “Well done, lad, another one like that and you will have written two, just four more and you’ll have made it to five”. This is accompanied by little quotes such as “I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done. Steven Wright”.

After a while the celebration of every fifth post subsides but the score continues to tick over and at last we reach post number 666.

Which reminds me of Mrs Satan who once complained “Six, six , six, that’s all you ever think about”.

Anniversary …

August 18th … today is the anniversary of the death of Ghengis Khan in 1227.

The true cause of his death is lost in the mists of antiquity but legends abound. He may have died in battle, fallen from his horse or died of pneumonia.

Or it may be true that a sweet young Tangut princess that he had taken as the spoils of war got fed up with him despoiling her and cut off his nuts with a hidden knife.

Sex appeal has to be handled with care.