Cool …

Well, yesterday it made it to the promised 44° …

This little fellow took shelter in the shade.

Swamp Wallaby

A welcome cool change came along in the afternoon dropping the temperature by 15°C in an hour. Strong winds brought raised dust which presented us with a gorgeous sunset.

Meanwhile 2,600 plus kilometres north-east Cyclone Penny has both cleaned up her image and intensified in strength. It is expected to weaken before making land fall.

Today has been much cooler. But that won’t last long


Penny’s Dropped …

Down here in the south-east of Australia we’re bracing for 44°C (111°F in the old money) which brings the attendant risk of bushfire. We have our plan at the ready

but we still have the humanity to think of the folk in far north Queensland in the path of Cyclone Penny.

Facebook – Higgins Storm Chasing

They’ll, no doubt, be expecting a few inches from that.